Some weeks ago I decided to visit some regular shops. I was looking for a wollen jacket for quite a long time when I found this one in the Bershka. The same day I found the scarf in the Zara. I combine them often together to create a warm and wollen look. 

The new pieces are combined with some old. I found these trousers quite some years ago in the Episode. I wore them so much that you could say I kind of lived in them. They are my absolute favourite, but now I only wear them on special days or when I really feel like wearing them cause they might fall apart soon. Last but not least, the shoes which are my favourite at the moment are from a vintage market in Utrecht (originally from Ecco). 

pictures by Sara Beekman
When I found out there were two vintage markets this weekend I was so excited. One in The Hague and one in Arnhem. I really like to wander around at those markets and found some really great pieces in between the chaos, At the moment as you can see I'm into the pastel prints.

I spent the weekend wandering around at the vintage markets en the material market in Utrecht. I come often in Utrecht for the market. There is so many choice that most of the time I somehow get lost so I'm figuring out a kind of strategy to keep things together. This saterday I was looking for some nice materials for my new design for school. Coming semester we have a "free" design. I'm thinking about designing a high waisted trouser and found the perfect material. More of that soon!
After a weekend full of dancing I'm ready for a new week of hard work. And for me there's is no better way than to start the week with a new blog :). My sister made these pictures last saterday in Utrecht. Since the winter is finally kicking in here in Holland I thought it is time to show you some winter outfits. 

I completely fell in love with this coat when I found him.  I love the pattern and the big pockets in which you can warm your hands.  It's a little oversized and a simple design but a really great effect. I found the coat in a very inspiring second hand shop in Gouda named "De Blauwe Hoed". Is absolutely worth a visit when you are in the neighbourhood. 

Have a good week, I'll keep you posted!
                                                                                 pictures made by Sara Beekman
I can not believe time is running so fast. We´re already far in january! For me, the start of a new year is always a good moment to think about the past year. There have been a lot of changes the past year. I moved to Arnhem and jumped into a new job. And ofcourse starting the blog which makes me really excited for what the new year will bring. 
Lately I have been busy with my job in the lawyers office and in between I´m working on the projects for my study. I finished a new design which I will show you soon! For drawing class im working on a project which I really like because you never know how spots will turn out. In that way you may create unexpected and surprising things.  At the moment I´m kind of stuck in the process. I would like the paintings to get more of an illustration and im figuring out what is missing. Let me know what you think!   
Today I received some good and inspiring comments on my first assignment for drawing class. After hours of practicing to draw the perfect body I stepped into the process of searching for an idea to create an illustration. I was so happy to find these great backgrounds.  I tried to combine the movement of the model with the dynamics of the background. Furthermore I wanted the poses to be elegant and strong. Using pastel colors and prints for the clothes I  tried to add some softness and romantics. Let me know what you think!
I know this is quite a summer picture but I really wanted to show you. Tim shot this picture in an unknown moment, I think those moments are the most inspiring. 
picture Tim Trihn
The outfit im wearing in the picture contains some of my favourite items. To begin, I really like long skirts. This skirt is my own design. The material is actually striped but I think its not noticable from a distance. I love how the material moves when I walk. 

The bag is my absolute favourite. I remember how happy I was when i found him a few years ago in the Episode. Since then, I always bring him when Im on my way for a few days. When I visit my parents my dad always tells me how impractical the bag is because he is already kind of heavy  without stuff. But I think this bag is absolutely worth the effort :).
Last year I had to design a trouser for my study. I was so excited about the assignment since Im totally in love with high waisted trousers. The material is from Neidig, a boutique in Wageningen with only natural and sustainable fair trade materials (website
cropped top from Things I like Things I love, shoes second hand
Today I visited my sister in Utrecht. She took this picture of me while we were wandering around in Utrecht. The skirt is my first design for the study. I love the length and the colors and I think my sister did a really good job with the composition of the picture.
picture by Sara Beekman