Today I received some good and inspiring comments on my first assignment for drawing class. After hours of practicing to draw the perfect body I stepped into the process of searching for an idea to create an illustration. I was so happy to find these great backgrounds.  I tried to combine the movement of the model with the dynamics of the background. Furthermore I wanted the poses to be elegant and strong. Using pastel colors and prints for the clothes I  tried to add some softness and romantics. Let me know what you think!


01/20/2014 11:43pm

He Carolien,

I like your blog! Really nice photo's who is taking them? Keep up the good work ;)

See you!

01/21/2014 12:41pm

Hi Marleen! Thank you for you comment ! Some of the pictures are taken by a friend Tim Trihn ( and the others are taken by my sister Sara. She just started with the photography and Im very happy to have her. Its really great to hear from you! Carolien


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